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Get Targeted Buyers For Your Products From The Best YouTube Ranking Program

How to rank any product or offer on top of YouTube and Google

Is there a better alternative to paid ads on Facebook and Google ? Is there a solution to Account suspensions ?

May 07, 2021

Marketers today are faced with a plethora of choices to make when it comes to their marketing channels. With the rise of search engines led by Google, YouTube and social media platforms led by Facebook and Instagram, it’s absolutely essential to pick the right marketing channel and method for a product or service. While paid marketing remains an attractive option, it does come with major risks including a negative return on investment, if not implemented correctly. Sam wanted to market his new online fitness coaching program and gym for middle aged women, but he had a limited budget. Based on the advice of a friend, he started doing paid ads in Facebook and Google targeting people in his city. He did get some leads and managed to convert 10% to customers, but ended up spending a lot more money than his revenue. He then took the help of a local agency to boost his conversions but spent more money now to get a couple of clients. What he realized after this experience was that he was up against a ton of competition advertising in his metro city and, his ad spend wasn't getting enough new business to make him a profit. 

The Downside of Paid Ads on Google, Facebook and Other Platforms

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook comes with a risk of bad reviews and security breaches. There is also a major risk of not getting the return on your ad costs if you are unable to target the right segments using a list for a product or service. Furthermore, the platform has made its policies much more stringent post pandemic that ad account bans have become common. Despite spending on ads, it’s not possible to collect emails and build a list with Facebook. Google Ads, on the other hand, is a powerful channel to reach customers with high buying intent. Google, unlike social media is a search engine that people search for using specific queries and, so is much more targeted. But the downside is that cost per click(CPC) is hugely dependent on the product, industry and competition. Google runs a bid on the keywords advertised and the Ad rank is a factor of the Cost per click(CPC) and Ad quality score. What this means is that for a paid ad to rank higher in Google, either the ad costs are higher than other bids or the quality score must be very high. This makes it very difficult and/or expensive for a paid ad to get a first or even a second page listing in Google search results. It’s estimated from ad accounts that a Google Ad with a poor quality score can cost upto 800% more than that of an ad with a good quality score.

Real Estate properties can also be advertised on prominent property portals. However with such portals, your property is stacked up against all other listings for that location and property type. Apart from the ad costs, there is also the challenge of competing for the attention of potential buyers that would be interested in your property. Then there are limitations in the amount of content and videos that can be listed on such portals. Have you ever wondered if it's possible to get the complete attention of buyers interested in your property, engage them and convert them to buyers ? Let's find out in a moment. 

 Google Core Web Vitals 

In May 2021, Google's Core Web Vitals will become an official ranking factor for websites. In short, these are metrics that measure speed, responsiveness and visual stability of a site. This will be a part of Google's page experience index that measures user experience with a webpage. A good way to defend your business against potential impact from core web vitals is to diversify your marketing strategy and include YouTube videos with good content. Use these videos to engage your potential customers, solve your customer’s problems and increase the know, like and trust of your customers so they keep coming to you. 

Limitations of Paid ads with Google and Facebook

In addition, Google doesn’t allow ads for specified product categories like Facebook and, does suspend ad accounts when it’s algorithm detects policy violations catching you unawares. In many cases, the suspensions are not revoked. Other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest have nowhere the reach that Google, YouTube and Facebook do. After all, no one wants an uphill trek when it comes to selling our products or offers !!

The Effective Solution

 Google and YouTube are the planet’s top 2 search engines. YouTube videos are also listed on Google search as the platform has the largest video content and is owned by Google. YouTube feeds over 1 Billion hours of videos each day to users. Video content’s popularity has soared over the past few years and so the platform is projected to dominate the search results in Google within the next couple of years. Ranking in YouTube for products and services on YouTube has become absolutely important for marketers in niches where videos determine customer choices and decisions. Ranking in the top 10 results of YouTube search and Google can get loads of targeted prospects to an offer. Conversion rates tend to be much higher for YouTube videos than for websites especially for niches like Real Estate, Pets, Fitness, Beauty & Cosmetics. This is due to the fact that prospects get to see the offer in action through videos and so engagement, trust levels are much higher.

Paul Murphy’s “Affiliate Tube Success Academy” provides comprehensive training that can get YouTube videos ranked in the front page of both Google and YouTube. The course consists of simple videos that can be implemented even by beginners without technical knowledge. When you join the course, you also get a 21 day challenge that leads you progressively into creating videos that start listing on the top of Google and YouTube in short periods. Grab your “Free 24 hour ranking system” worth $997 to get started now – Get My Free 24 Hour Ranking System . Check out more about the program here – Affiliate Tube Success Academy

Top internet marketer and founder of GrooveFunnels, Mike Filsaime mentions that Affiliate Tube Success is a great way to reach customers and sell your products online. Whether you run a real estate agency, coaching or a consultancy or an E-commerce business or a marketing agency or even just starting out as an affiliate, the program gives the foundation and training required to rank your offer right on the top of leading search engines Google and Facebook without ads. 



Grab your “Free 24 hour ranking system” worth $997 to get started now – https://bit.ly/3ts6ZEw

Check out more about the program here – https://bit.ly/3eg9P9o . Save Money on Ads from today !!

Works for Affiliate Marketers, Coaches, Consultants, Real Estate, Local Businesses
ATS Academy Paul Murphy Testimonial

Why Affiliate Tube Success Academy ?

The course is 100% white hat, comprehensive and is the result of Paul Murphy’s years of experience in internet marketing and consulting. Real Estate, Healthcare, Fitness, medicine, Cosmetics and Beauty, Software Products and Services, Home services, Personal development, E-commerce, Jewelry, print on demand, Local businesses, Manufacturing, Affiliate marketing are some niches where YouTube marketing can be bigger than Google paid search. The process and methods taught in the course not only rank the videos organically in the top search carousel of Google but also maintain the rankings for years to come. This means that marketers don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads if they implement the training.               

Paul Murphy has used his method to make millions of dollars as an affiliate marketer and get into the top affiliate ranks for several high ticket product launches including GrooveFunnels, Kartra and ClickFunnels. He is also a member of the 2 comma club on Clickfunnels after making a million dollars as an affiliate. And the best part is that the rankings in Google and YouTube help your products get laser targeted prospects and get amazing conversion rates upto 50%. Such high conversion rates are possible because the videos transform the prospect gradually from a ‘cold state’ to a ‘buyer mindset’ through a series of videos that develop their ‘know, like and trust’ factor. The course also enables you to build your own email list of prospects for free which can then be used for retargeting your offers. Besides ranking in the YouTube search, YouTube videos also rank in the Google general search, carousel and Google videos. So this gets you three times the potential exposure of a website. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or someone that wants to promote your own product or service or an agency or a local business that wants hot leads, this is invaluable considering it’s zero cost ads. 

Grab your “Free 24 hour ranking system” worth $997 to get started now – Free 24 Hour Ranking System.

Check out more about the program here – Affiliate Tube Success Academy.

YouTube For Real Estate

Real Estate buyers need to look at property details, size, pictures and specifications before they make a site visit. A video speaks volumes more than multiple web pages. As there are tons of videos competing for space in YouTube, you need a system to reach prospects and rank your property videos on the top of YouTube and Google videos sections. Whether you are a real estate agent, property lessor or a property promoter that sells or leases apartments, condos, town houses, single-family homes, gated community properties, land, commercial or industrial properties, Paul's YouTube method can help you showcase your property to red hot buyers interested in buying your assets. Paul has also developed a specific set of ready to use sales funnels that can drive prospects to your offers when used with YouTube videos. You can get them here - High Converting Sales Funnels 

 GrooveFunnels Suite

 A simple webpage helps drive additional traffic and engagement to YouTube videos created using Paul’s system. GrooveFunnels is a platform where one can get a drag and drop funnel, webpage builder and many other useful apps free for lifetime. When you sign up for a free account, you get access to their suite of tools that include funnel and webpage builder, E-com system, affiliate system, course membership system, email responder, video hosting and multiple other applications.                                           

Get free access to Groove here -  Groove Lifetime Free Offer. In case you want to upgrade to the paid version, I strongly suggest you first explore the features of this platform and get comfortable before you think of upgrading to the paid version.

Disclaimer – Paul's course is for those who are willing to put in efforts and make it work. This is not a get rich quick scheme.


ATS Academy - How to get free Ads in Google & YouTube
ATS Course Paul Murphy Testimonial
Get red hot buyers for products with free ads - Paul Murphy ATS
ATS Academy Paul Murphy Testimonial
Affiliate Tube Success Academy Google Ranking course Paul Murphy

Paid Ads on Facebook without a list or on Google can be a risky uphill climb like this or even a losing game.

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